Lilydale and Yarra Valley Netball (Valley) are offering Player Sponsorship Packages to all our Representative Players.


The purposes of these packages are:

  1. Player Sponsorships allow Rep Parents to have their work or a business/company pay the Rep fees. The company can then claim the costs of Player Sponsorship through their company/business as a tax deduction. The packages offer better value for money than paying for your child’s fees privately.

  2. Business/company gain exposure at Pinks Reserve Netball Facility

  3. Valley gain additional revenue from the transaction Every dollar a player/family bring in as sponsorship, we will discount 60c from their fees, eg if a player brings in $100 dollars in sponsorship, they will have $60 discounted from their fees.


Valley will provide an invoice addressed to your company’s name for sponsorship.

Please click here to access the Player Sponsorship Packages document.